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Monday, November 26, 2012
Welcome to

After letting my last blog die I've decided to try my hand at writing again. I've been working with a lot more tools and contributing more to the open source community and wanted a place to document the things that I'm learning and an outlet for some of the cool stuff that I'm working on.

I developed and designed this blog over the course of the weekend. Nothing special really, just a typical hand rolled Rails CMS running on Heroku. One thing cool that this site is using is the new Turbolinks library from Rails 4. It is similar to pjax although there is really no configuration. It's basically just plug and play.

One thing that I didn't want to do was reinvent a commenting system but after wasting an afternoon trying to get disqus working with Turbolinks with no luck I caved in and wrote a really basic one. Hopefully once disqus has better integration with ajax sites I will be able to integrate them.

Well stay tuned. I have some interesting posts planned for the next week. Let's hope that I can keep this blog updated more frequently than my last.

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